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The Controversy Over Boehner and Netanyahu

whats the dealIf you’ve been keeping up with the news at all, then you’ve probably been seeing that a lot of people are talking about what Speaker Boehner did that was way out of bounds – some people are going so far to say that Boehner should be charged with treason for what he did. Wow – that sounds like a big deal. So, what did Speaker Boehner do, and why is it such a big deal? Let’s take a quick look.

What Did Boehner Do?

Basically, Speaker Boehner invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to come to Washington to address Congress about the issues with Iran and with “radical Islamic groups.” On the surface it may seem quite harmless, but Speaker Boehner actually crossed a lot of lines here by doing this. Always get the right defense lawyer.

What’s the Big Issue Here?

Here are the main issues that are going on with this issue. First off, the President is supposed to be in on any and all foreign Heads of State who are going to come in and speak to Congress, no matter what the issue is. Now, that’s actually not what the big red flag is here. Had it been handled differently however, it may not have been blown into the issue it is now.

The issue is actually what Netanyahu is coming to talk about. First off, the administration doesn’t allow the term “radical Islam” to be used, because they recognize and believe that the people doing these things are not truly Muslim. The other, very large, issue is the fact that Prime Minister Netanyahu is talking about Iran. The United States and other countries are currently in negotiations to try and reduce Iran’s nuclear program – but this could end up making all of those conversations moot. That’s where the treason comes in – Boehner is, essentially, obstructing deals and progress that President Obama is looking to develop with a country that we already have a very volatile relationship with.

What do you think? Do you think Boehner stepped out of bounds here? Or do you think that he had a right to do what he did by inviting Netanyahu?

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The Case of Legal Marijuana

As you likely know, Washington and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana last year which has many bus accident lawyers watching their phones closely waiting for the next call about and impaired driving bus cases. Many states have worked to legalize the use of medical marijuana in their states, and some states have decriminalized the use of these drugs as well. That being said, there are a number of questions that come up – including how applicable the Federal ban on recreational marijuana use is.

States Vs. Feds

legalize marijuannaAs with many of these laws, it’s a question of whether the state has the right to make these determinations, or if the federal government does. The issue is, even though Washington and Colorado were both like “yes, we’re going to legalize it,” the Feds still don’t see it as a legal substance. It’s classified as a Controlled Substance, which means that it should be restricted on use. If that’s the case, then why did the states feel that they were able to step over that?  Much of it goes back to the questions of the Constitution, and what role the States vs. Federal Government fight does in this particular case.

What Should Be the Outcome?

So, now that the cases of these states are being brought to court, specifically by the states surrounding Colorado and Washington, what is the outcome even going to look like? For that matter, what should it look like, and what sort of difference does it make when it comes to the big picture of this debate?

It will all depend on the interpretation of the law, to be honest. Some people may see it as a federal thing, mainly because the Federal Government was the first to act on it; then followed by the states putting their own laws into it. But, other people may interpret it that, if it’s not mentioned in the Constitution, then it’s up to the states to decide about its legality and where it will be offered. Most likely it will be distributed from designated dispensaries (for example, a local facility like Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy) through prescriptions from a medical professional. It’s a really confusing, but important, question.

How do you think the courts will rule on this particular issue? What way do you think that they will swing, and how much of an impact will that make on the country?